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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

25 Apr 2012

New workout partner taught me something new. It's a take on the 5/3/1 for strength building. What you do is find your max on an event (today we did squats). The formula for figuring out what weight to do is this:
(Max weight)*(.90)=3 Rep Max (3RM)
3RM*(.80)=5 reps
3RM*(.85)=5 reps
3RM*(.90)=3 reps
3RM*(.90)=as many reps as possible. If you get more than five, it's time to up the previous weights.

For my squats it was: 190 max
As this is not exact science, just round off to wherever it's easiest to make the weight.

5 reps 132 lbs (60 kilos)
5 reps 65 kilos
3 reps 70 kilos
5 reps 70 kilos (burnout)

Elke workout. Suppose to be 5 rounds for time, but I only did 3 because it is a killer.
10 squats (85% body weight)
5 man makers (ridiculously tough) 15lbs
500m row
3 rounds 16:26
The weights are adjustable based on fitness.

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  1. I used to do this formula for weight training class. I got stronger but I didn't get bulkier... it was nice.