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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

31 Jan 2012

PT Test

49 Push ups - 70
74 Sit ups - 92
13:26 2 mile - 94

Score: 256

I went down 20 points from my last PT test with 12 points being from push ups. I kind of expected that since my hand was broken and I've been trying to get back into shape. Those 49 push ups were pretty tough, I was really grinding them out. I've got a lot of work to do. I was off pace on my sit ups and ran out of energy a little earlier than expected. I'm usually at 38-40 sit ups at the 1 minute mark, but I was at around 46-48. Not having run in awhile, I was pretty satisfied with my run time.

I tried climbing a rope and apparently climbing is either a perishable skill or my hand still hurts occasionally and climbing rope is one of those occasions.

Monday, January 23, 2012

23 Jan 2012

Now that my hand is healed I get to start working out again. Also, I should start getting money for food so I can start this paleo diet. So today, getting back into working out:

Tabata* push ups - 95 total.

Ab workout:
3 rounds of (for time):
20 crunches
25 4-count flutter kicks
15 right crunches
15 left crunches
25 4-count bicycles
25 4-count twister things

Time: 10:25

*Tabata - 8 rounds of 20 seconds (max) work, 10 seconds rest. 4:00 minutes total time.